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Body Sugaring vs Waxing: A Good Recipe For Hair Removal

What Is Body Sugaring?

Body sugaring is a safe and natural method for temporary hair removal. Sugar is applied at body temperature thus removing the risk of burning. Sugar, unlike wax, does not contain any irritating chemicals that could arm the skin. It is gentle, environmentally safe and non-allergenic. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky.

Why Sugar Instead Of Waxing?

Wax contains many chemical ingredients such as resins and preservatives. Sugar paste is made from 100% natural ingredients. It is so natural you can eat it! Wax needs to be heated at a high degree to liquefy it. That heat causes clients burning and occasionally scarring. Hot wax also causes the skin to swell which can make the hair removal difficult. Waxing for a prolonged period of time can lead to early wrinkles. Wax is also very messy. Unlike wax, sugar is easy to clean up. All you need is warm water! Sugar does not stick to the skin like waxing does. Sugar sticks only to hair. Which mean less discomfort for the clients.

Can I Sugar My Body If I Have Eczema Or Psoriasis?

Yes! Because it does not stick to the skin. It will remove the hair and exfoliate the skin all at the same time. Sugar is gentle enough that a technician can go over a treated area more than once.

Is Sugaring Sanitary?

Yes is it. Sugar is hypo allergenic and sugar is naturally anti bacterial. Bacteria cannot grow in a sugar jar and we can control cross contamination unlike waxing. Waxing is a huge risk for cross contamination because bacteria will grow inside a wax jar.

What Areas Should Not Be Treated?

Raised moles, large varicose veins, inflammation of the veins (phlebitis), new scars, sunburned skin, warts, bruising, lesions.

Are There Medical Contraindications?

Yes. You can’t have taken Retin-A, enzyme peels, glycolic acid, acutance and similar type treatments in the last 28 days. Technician are required to do a patch test first. The clients skin gets very thin and easily irritated when using such acne type products. People taking high blood pressure, antibiotic, diuretics and steroids medication.

I Like To Exfoliate Weekly. Is It Ok If I Sugar?

No, you cannot exfoliate the day before, the day of the treatment and the day after a sugar treatment.

I’ve Heard That You Need More Than 1 Appointment To Remove All Hair. Why?

When sugaring, you are trying to get the hair growing at the same stage. There are 3 stages of hair growth; anagen, catagen and telogen. A hair in the anagen stage is the best time to remove a hair. The technician needs 3 sessions 4 weeks apart to train the hair to grow at the same rate.

Why Won’t You Sugar My Upper Lip Or Chin Hair?

I won’t sugar a woman’s facial hair. Once a hair is removed from the root using sugar, wax, threading or tweezing, it causes stimulation to the root structure. This stimulation makes the hair grow back darker, coarser and stronger. Then you end up with a male pattern hair growth in those areas. Permanent hair removal, like electrolysis is the best way to remove your unwanted facial hair.



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