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The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Hair Electrolysis For Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis has been around for over 100 years and it is the only permanent method for hair removal. It is the only method approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as such. In 1875 Dr. Charles Eugene Michel, M.D., an ophthalmologist of St. Louis, Missouri helped pioneer a technique for removing wild eyelash hair, by means of electrolysis. Doctor Michel was an advocate for using a microscope with electrolysis.

What Causes Hair Growth?

The major causes of unwanted hair are important to understand. Unwanted body or facial hair can lead to anxiety, self-consciousness and seclusion in women. Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a disease that affect a woman body hair. Women afflicted with PCOS will have some male pattern hair growth also called hirsutism. Hirsutism refers to the growth of coarse, dark hair.

The hair can be in areas where women typically grow finer hair such as the face, stomach or breast. It is important for a woman to seek medical attention if she notices a sudden increase in hair growth in those areas because doctors need to determine the underlying problem. Medication, hereditary traits and ethnic predisposition also play an enormous part in unwanted hair. Women from Mediterranean countries or Indian continent tend to be more hairy than women from East Asia. Unfortunately, there is not much one can do about genetic predisposition.

How Does Hair Electrolysis Work?

Electrolysis, performed by a certified technician, can PERMANENTLY remove all unwanted hair. The technique consists of inserting a fine filament into the natural opening of the hair follicle. Once the probe reaches the target area of the active hair a current is released. That current destroys the source nourishment or papilla that feeds the hair. The treated hair is then gently removed from it’s follicle using sterilized tweezers.

After each treatment, any hair that regrows will be finer and lighter in texture. A kinky or curly hair will needs more than one treatment to destroy the hair permanently.

In my treatment of electrolysis, a Zeiss Microscope is crucial to my practice. This allows me to see all hair well but most importantly, I can effectively treat the finer hairs. A microscope offers precision that only happens when using such device.

Does Hair Grow Back After Hair Electrolysis?

Hair takes about 2-4 months to grow back to the surface of the skin once it has been removed from it’s root. Thus clients need to come in on a regular basis for the first 3 months. Factors like what temporary hair removal method you use now or have used in the past can affect the outcome. The electrologist needs to remove all unwanted hair once then treat regrowth.

Can Hair Electrolysis Work On All Types Of Hair?

Electrolysis can successfully eliminate all types of hair. Whether you have fine, coarse hair or curly hair, with any skin color or skin type. I can perform electrolysis on any body part (except in the mucus membranes such as inside the nose or ears).

Is Hair Electrolysis Safe? Are There Any Side Effects?

After an electrolysis treatment, it is normal to have some redness or little bumps that can last from a few minutes to a few hours. An ice pack or aloe gel can help reduce the redness and bumps. It is important that clients avoid touching the treated area due to the risk of infection. Electrolysis is safe and effective with few or no side effects.

Electrolysis is absolutely safe, as long as it is performed by a trained conscientious technician with a microscope.

How Do I Find An Electrologist In Chilliwack?

Like anything, homework is important when choosing your electrologist. You can find good information online. You can also read what Electrolysis Organization like COPE or TAPEBC have on their website.

I’m a 10-year seasoned, trained, and professional electrologist located in the Sardis, Chilliwack area, offering a relaxed, comfortable and discreet atmosphere to remove unwanted facial or body hair.

At Timeless Electrolysis & Esthetics, the use of a Zeiss microscope is crucial to my practice. Microscopic Electrolysis allows me to see all your fine hair and offer precision that only happens when using a microscope. With electrolysis, each hair is treated individually. Fine, vellus hair (hair that has never been tampered with) can be eliminated with a single treatment!

Does Electrolysis Work To Remove Hair From Moles?

Yes, I can safely remove a hair from a mole. All I need is a note from your physician stating that the mole is benign or safe for electrolysis treatment.

Do You Work With Gender Non-Conforming (GNC) Clients?

I welcome transgender and gender reassignment clients. I offer a safe, compassionate and confidential atmosphere to help the client transition. I use ” FLASH” Thermolysis which is extremely efficient in treating androgen hair.

What Are Your Sterilization Standards?

I have an extremely high sterilization standard. I use an autoclave sterilizer for my implements such as tweezers and probe tips. My probes are all individually packaged and sterilized for single use. After each treatment I dispose of my used filaments in my sharps container. I do not sterilize them for another use as they can get brittle and break into the hair follicle. My autoclave is monitored on a monthly schedule.

How Much Does Electrolysis Cost?

My costs are extremely affordable for microscopic electrolysis. A few factors contribute to the final cost. It is important to know what temporary hair removal method have been used in the past. Hormonal imbalance, medication, genetics are also important detail to consider. As well as amount of hair and type of hair in the treatment area. If the client’s skin and pain tolerance are very low, then it might make treatment longer. A free consultation is the best approach to determine the desired outcome.



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